There are many kinds of delicious fruits available in Japan. Among them, the fruits raised in Yamanashi Prefecture is especially popular.

The peaches and grapes grown in Yamanashi is worldwide famous, and the strawberries and apples are also known to be very delicious.

“Miharashien” located in such a fruit kingdom, you can enjoy “fruits picking” as well as eating them at the site. Please come to us to enjoy the tastes of our seasonal gorgeous fruits at our site.

山梨のフルーツ狩りを楽しむ親子 山梨のおいしいいちご 山梨で人気なぶどう

Natural and delicious treasures nurtured by the sun.

“Miharashi” Farm is located almost at the center of Yamanashi Prefecture. Yamanashi is proud of number one for 'sunshine hours' in Japan. Fruits are exposed to plenty of sunlight, which gives them the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, especially peaches and grapes, which grow into juicy and mouth-watering fruits with a rich taste and beautifully bright colors.

山梨のフルーツ狩りを楽しむ親子 山梨のおいしいいちご 山梨で人気なぶどう

Fruit Calendar

Seasonal fruit picking of peaches, grapes, strawberries, and apples is prepared so that visitors can fully enjoy the seasonal flavors throughout the year.

  • ●Visitors can enjoy 'strawberry picking' in a warm greenhouse with premium cultivation from January to May.
  • ●When the cherry blossoms begin to fall, the surrounding peach blossoms are at their best. A 'Momo no Hana Matsuri' (peach blossom festival) is held throughout the region. During this period, a 'W-picking' (peach blossom viewing + strawberry picking) will be held at our farm.
山梨のフルーツ狩りを楽しむ親子 山梨のおいしいいちご 山梨で人気なぶどう

Sale of fruit.

Fruit is also sold according to when they are in season. Peaches in summer, grapes in autumn, apples from autumn to winter and strawberries from spring to summer - the best tastes of each season. The shop also sells a wide range of fruit souvenirs.

山梨のフルーツ狩りを楽しむ親子 山梨のおいしいいちご


Address: 240 Tsuchizuka, Ichinomiya-Cho, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture

【Free parking (30 buses / 50 passenger cars).】



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[Chuo Expressway] Ichinomiya-Misaka IC

Travel time to Ichinomiya Misaka

→From Tokyo... 1h 30 mins
→From Nagoya ... 3 h 30 min
→From Nagano ... 2 hours

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